Hacked? Cannot find page on server

**My website URL is:postaprayer.net


**What I’m seeing is:cannot be found on server

I cannot seem to keep my joomla admin site for http://postaprayer.net/post-a-prayer/administrator/ up and alive.

**I’m using this software:Joomla


Additional information:

The entire domain redirects to another site for me. Is that what you see as well?

Okay, so the Domain is a Godaddy.com domain. I changed nameservers to infinityfree.net. Now I am trying to delete the domain from infinityfree.net and it won’t let me because of an email address. All email addresses are deleted. Please advise how I delete this. Currently it looks like the domain is with two registrars ( you) and godaddy.com. I just changed the nameservers back to godaddy.com within godaddy.com. This is bizarre now. Please advise.

What I see is:
The server ID could not be found
Maybe this could help you:

@scottrturner it’s referring to email addresses which include email accounts and email forwarders.

Please note that InfinityFree is not a domain registrar. We are only a hosting provider, we don’t provide domain registration services. Also, note that all domain names are held by one and only one domain registrar. Which in your case is probably Go Daddy.

So what is the end goal you’re trying to achieve here? Are you trying to move your website elsewhere? If so, you don’t need to delete your domain name from our systems (and definitely shouldn’t do that as a first step). And if you’re still looking to fix email, why are you trying to delete the domain for that?

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