(guide) How to get Flarum on InfinityFree


I’m putting this in Informal because if I put it in Community Guides it will get rejected… reply if that’s not ok.

Do you want Flarum on InfinityFree?
Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to https://freeflarum.com/ and create a forum
  2. Then, go to your Control Panel and create a subdomain of your domain (like forum.yourdomain.com)
  3. When you have created your FreeFlarum forum, go to ‘Settings’ on the FreeFlarum page. (FreeFlarum | Settings)
  4. Then scroll to ‘Custom Domain’ and enter your subdomain of your domain (forum.yourdomain.com)
  5. Don’t click ‘Save’ yet! Go back to your control panel and go to CNAME records.
  6. Once there, add a CNAME record in this format:
    Record Name: (your subdomain name like ‘forum’), Domain: (your main domain), and Destination: (yourforum.freeflarum.com)
  7. Once done, wait 1-2 minutes, then go to your FreeFlarum settings and click ‘Save’. If it gives a success message, then you’ve done it! Visit your Flarum forum at forum.yourdomain.com (or the subdomain you created)

NOTE: This can only be done with custom domains (like Freenom domains or NameCheap domains)

If you have any questions or errors, feel free to reply below and I’ll see if I can fix them :slight_smile:

Scalability will be a concern

How many users does FreeFlarum support?

FreeFlarum is meant for smaller forums and supports up to 250 users. When you have more users or your forum negatively affects the performance of other forums, we may ask you to move your forum elsewhere.


Well most IF websites don’t get a lot of traffic
Only if it’s on Google and on the 1st or 2nd page

That’s a way to get flarum with custom domain not on infinityfree.
Wrong title!

But there is a way to install flarum on infinityfree by first installing it on localhost then moving files + database here.


No, as Flarum requires InnoDB which is not supported on free hosting.


You can use other database hosting like:

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