Guestbook doesn't show numbers anymore (due to php update)

page is “Guestbook
the font is there, everything worked correctly before PHP 8.2 upgrade (and also phpinfo(); is showing less info right now (cringe))
I don’t know what major changes in php may have caused this?

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When you load do you see any error logs on the server? Under Control Panel > Alter PHP Config you should be able to turn on PHP errors.

Hi CoolMan,

Indeed, it depends on whether they use GD or Imagick from within the PHP code of their library. To solve this issue the easy way for both you and your visitors, integrate reCaptcha v3.

It’s butter simple.


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Hi, the image doesnt render when I enable PHP errors.

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I don’t like reCAPTCHA.

The use another solution such as hCaptcha or Cloudflare Turnstile. I bet there are more than those, too.


I just check again and your numbers seem to appear now in the captcha.


If your having problems with captcha you can PM me and I can send you the source code for my implementation ( it uses GD )


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