GTmetrix error on a brandnew Joomla 4 test site

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GTmetrix error see picture joined

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I have setup a brand new joomla 4 site with the example data, directly downloaded from Everything is standard from origin. I have a ssl certificate from zerossl, I got from Infinityfree services. No htaccess tuning yet. No cache.
I try to check the basic performance. GTmetrix tells they cannot acess to the site. Any idea to test ? Thanks for attention.

gmetrix seems to be a bit confused

use this WebPageTest Test - Running web page performance and optimization tests...


Thank you for the link. I did not know this one.

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You’re welcome
I think GTmetrix actually hits on this

but for no reason it says that the problem is in HTTPS


This issue is actually related to this:

For some strange reason, GTMetrix requires an intermediate/chain certificate (which is not supported on free hosting) to be installed in order to perform the test, as explained on their site: General GTmetrix Test Errors | GTmetrix


I tried 10+ addresses that I found on the forum and that they belong to free subdomains
and explicitly stated http:// in the address
(and only those that do not force https - no redirection)
and for everything it gave me that error about the certificate :roll_eyes:
so at first I thought they were blocked.

I think there was a bug with them, because now everything works properly when the http version is requested, which has nothing to do with certificates.


Thanks for your feedbacks

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