Google web designer to joomla Suspended account? why?

Hello administrator, I have a website in joomla in a free account, I was working with google web designer and trying to upload the banner, footer and header on the site using html5 code until my account was suspended, less than 1 week ago I was deleted 1 domain name of the 3 that free hosting gives me, the latter was inactive for a long time now and I am not interested in recovering it, I am surprised by all these sudden measures taken, I would like to know if I am violating any site policy, I need to recover my account and tell me why I can’t upload html5 code, I still don’t know if these banners can be uploaded from an editor or an iframe, I’m practicing with these new tools, I’ll tell you that I’m writing to you from the google translator too, I wait for an answer, thank you !!!

What kind of suspension is it?
(Can be found it Client area)

Hello, thanks for the answer, the administrator panel can navigate and enter the directory, the suspension was from the website, do you know why ???

I can’t get you… :pensive:

If your website was suspended,
*your domain will redirect to
*You will see a warning in vPanel and Client area.

Can you confirm that your website is suspended?

If I understood it wrong please clarify me

3 hours ago I had the domain suspended, now it is working again, I need to know if I can work with google web designer in joomla and if I do not violate the terms and policies of hosting when uploading html5 or other code, I do not want to cut my inspiration of work

I think you can upload Html5(I am not sure.Staff should clarify)

What is your content?(i.e What is the website for?,What content does it have?)

Why wouldn’t you be able to upload html5? It gets rendered in the browser like everything else, It will be fine.

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Hello, as I comment I am making some banners with Google web designer and I want to upload it to my Joomla site, there are 2 methods that I am trying 1-iframe
2-html5 code

I found people on the web who did it with iframe but it didn’t work for me, I hope they don’t block my account again

Html5 should work fine, as long as it doesn’t contain harmful, adult and hateful content.

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Can you please specify which account that is exactly so I can see what happened? A username (e.g. epiz_12345678) would be best, but I can look up a domain name too.

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Hello admin, as I mentioned I am making banners with google web designer and uploading it to joomla, the tests I do are from working with iframe with files from the root folder to the use of html5, javascript, php code, you know if the hosting is friendly with google web designer?


I checked the account epiz_25603269, and according to our information, the site is not suspended and has never been suspended. There is currently one free subdomain assigned to this account, and checking that subdomain it seems to have a working website.

If that’s not the subdomain you’re trying to visit, please note that domains which are still pointing to our servers but are not assigned to any hosting account may also redirect to

Here is an article with many reasons why you may see


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