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I try to put “https://www” or “https://” on my domain on Google Search Console. So, when I type it on the URL search, it gives me a error. But when I try “http://www” or “http://” or just my domain, it works.

HELP ME, pls :slight_smile:

(I’m Brazilian. Some words and sentences may be wrong. I hope you understand.)

Thank you!

Can u send us screenshot of the problem?

Did you have SSL in your domain?

Tranlation: It was not possible to establish a secure connection with this site sent an invalid response.
Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

I don’t know… How do I do it?

Oh, thats why the errors is showing because you dont have SSL.

You can use the official tool here:

Then follow the instructions.


I have to put “https://www.(my domain)” on it?

No, not yet. You have to follow the instructions given by the SSL tool above.

First click add ssl.
Then, enter the domain name in the form.

It’s normal for Google to reject you because the protocol is different on HTTPS compared to HTTP

you have two choices:

  1. Specify the correct path starting from the protocol ( HTTP )

  2. Or use a certificate and switch your website to the HTTPS protocol
    and then add https to the GSC path


I’ve done that whole thing about Add CNAME Record. So I have to wait now?

Yes, you have to wait at least an hour.

Yes , you have to wait or you can just follow @Oxy first option

but also do this !



Now, I can use “https://www” in my website! Thank you a lot!!!

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If you want to try my website: (multiplication table)

I’ll change the content, that is just a test.

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