Google search console

I am trying to add my sitemap to search console but it always shows the sitemap couldn’t fetch
I don’t know wheather I can ask this here but if you anything about it please help me here
Thanks in advance

Almost 1 month long but I will probably reply this one, incase of other users like him will faced this problem.

Couldn’t fetch Common Problem:

  • It is a Google Bug
  • Sitemap Error Structure, not a valid sitemap xml or html. Validate it using Sitemap checker.
  • Lack of content

Some ways to fix

  • Change your country using VPN (India or United States or other)
  • Use other sitemap generator.
  • Clear your caches before submitting
  • Use the new Domain Prefix when submitting a property
  • Report a Feedback and they will fix it for you.


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