Google Search Console Verification

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

My domain registrar is
Now I host my site with infinity free.
How can I DNS verify my site for Google search console purposes?
Should I do this in GoDaddy or Infinityfree?
In Godaddy, they say the site is hosted by the third party.

Please help me to know where I can create the TXT record and verify the site in the search console.
If it is to be done here in the Infinity free, please guide on how to do it.

Visit to verify your website using CNAME records:

  1. Click “Add Property”
  2. Click “Alternative methods”
  3. Choose “Domain name provider”
  4. Choose “Other”
  5. Click “Add a CNAME record” at the bottom
  6. Add the CNAME record in control panel
  7. Wait for a few hours, then click “Verify”
  8. Go back to Google Search Console, (if success) your domain name should appear
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Thanks. But I don’t understand a few things.
Please clarify.
Steps 1 to 4 are within search console.
Am I right? If yes, I don’t find ‘Other’ in the domain name provider area. Where is it?
By the way search console asks to create only TXT record.

Steps 5-8 are in Infinity free. Right?
Where is Add a CNAME? At the bottom of what?
There is ‘CNAME Records’ in the cpanel advanced section.
Should I use this to create CNAME record?
Should I place the TXT record code to create CNAME record.
Thanks for the response.
Sorry. I dont know wehere I am missing the point.

I think you should see the CNAME record for your domain.
Add it to control panel CNAME Record (No need txt)

If you’re using the new Google Search Console, first of all delete the domain you’ve added through it, then add the complete URL (even the protocol of it, like http:// or https://, and whether your site is available via www or not, before the domain name) of your website on the “URL Prefix” tab’s text field, and choose a verification method present on this list.


Yes. I use new version of search console that asks me to insert TXT record.
I can either do domain level verification or URL level verification for each protocol.
I want domain level verification so that I don’t have to verify for each protocol separately.
How can I verify this in the Infinity free cpanel?
I have my TXT record code for verification.
I don’t know where to insert it in the Infinity free.
Please help.

You can’t add TXT records on free hosting, unless you use your own nameservers.

If you want domain level verification, try the Google webmaster (old version) and you can choose to use CNAME.
After you have verified the domain, go back to Google search console (new version). It should appear in your property.

*I am using this method to verify my subdomain

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