Google Search Console not detecting my sitemap "Couldn't fetch"

Google Search Console not detecting my sitemap “Couldn’t fetch”
Showing Error “Couldn’t Fetch”. What is the reason behind this?


You don’t have a certificate for HTTPS version

besides that file does not exist in that path


I have https. is demo name.
I am not disclosing original site name.

Checked on XML validator:

test on GOOGLE = fine

test src =

test 2 src =

Online sitemaps validators are unable to store cookies and run JS
and then they see this

that’s why it tells you that it’s not XML because they hit aes.js

again google test


apart from that, your sitemap that leads to the login page is a bit silly
(there is no point in adding that) , but OK however you want

In the future, please help us by giving us the right address, so that we don’t waste time unnecessarily.

Regarding the title of this topic - please read this


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