Google on InfinityFree

So I was playing around with inspect element…

Google is hosted on infinityfree??
send screenshots if you have a funnier one :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



even better…


ns1~ is wrong please update your NS :stuck_out_tongue:


This is better…

And the awesome thing? I did this on an iPad!


It’s working fine, though. :slight_smile:

ns redirect…

What ? It redirected me here :roll_eyes:

And don’t put emojis on the title
I had deleted it and you put it on again


bit rude to nick the fun out of the world :roll_eyes:

This is a forum of one hosting and not a kindergarten (no special characters in title, hashtags, emojis, etc.). In addition it should be uniform.

I hope you understand

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:frowning: ok

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I’m not against fun

if we allow…
imagine after 30 days what the forum would look like when someone opened it ?
one would wonder if this is serious hosting ?!?!?


You realize that this hosting is being used by adults too, they aren’t into fun like teenagers and they can judge a community well which means they can also vote the hosting down for being filled of unproffesional stuff which is spammed by teenagers. (Yes I even remember one voting the hosting down because one of moderators was a teenager? :confused: )

You don’t even see me being rude or being funny in places like this is because of these (besides the 10k topic), while I’m a person who is into making fun of everything or causing drama.

Everything has its own place. /shrug


Not only it is unprofessional
in addition, that emoji can be in the service of attracting attention
which is similar to writing the title in all capital letters
or let’s say something like this >>>>> MY TITLE - LOOK HERE <<<<<<<

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What browser do you use @Oxy? Nothing to do with the question or answer but i think it looks pretty dope.

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Wait so what does inspect element have to to do with the screenshot at all?


So you mean you just inspected that saying that Google is hosted by InfinityFree? Or no?