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I am on a free hosting plan. I have setup a search console and added my domain to my property. But while trying to index, google says your page has been rejected or gives error url is not on google. How can I fix this problem? Does free hosting block all bots crawling?

I was thinking of upgrading my plan but will have to move to a different hosting.

You should be able to use Google Webmasters without any problems. However, note that you may not be able to setup the domain name, only the URL prefix.

Most bots are blocked, but precautions have been taken to make sure search engine spiders are not affected.

When and where does Google say what the issue is exactly? Can you share screenshots?

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Please see below images. Clearly says URL rejected. I have not done much change to my site only added few pages. Site is

Iā€™m sorry, but based on what information do you conclude that? It clearly says there is not an error, so how did you conclude that your URL was rejected?

And even if it was rejected, how do you presume that this is a hosting issue?

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I have solved my problem with the help of google. Thanks but no thanks.

Would you mind sharing your solution here so others can benefit from it too?

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Sure, so I had a mix up with nameservers, there was a duplicate DNS record pointed to two different hosting servers. After removing one and just including infinityfree it worked like a charm.

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