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Hi friends;

I submitted my website and my sitemap to Google.
But Google doesn’t index my website links.
I can see only my main page on google search.

I use free host.
Is it related with my host being free?

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you
Best regards.

You generally have to wait for google to fully index your site.

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You can build a sitemap

And no, it has nothing to do with your website being free. Google is a separate service from infinityfree and they don’t care whether you have free hosting or not. Again, read about the sitemap. It’s basically a file that shows google all the webpages you want them to index and instead of their traditional way (finding links to other web pages from one webpage, like a navigation page), they will go to all the webpages in the sitemap and index them.

I submitted my sitemap to google last week

They can be slow, just be patient (or check if you have any errors, submit it again and check if it’s submitted). I had no problem (once I worked out the errors) with google indexing all my pages, so either they slow, or you’re not submitting the sitemap in the wrong format or something else.

I checked my sitemap with HeadMasterSEO application.
There was no error.

I will be patient more.

Please show me your sitemap here…!

Google paused indexing process last week and restarted some days ago


My sitemap:

Did you try to add it again to Google search console ?

I submitted site map to Google for three times

Just wait do not submit your Site map again and again, google cannot change priority of your site in indexing process.
At the end wait and start live test from site inspection feature on search console.

Thank you.
I will wait

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See this, this may help you

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