Google domains for and

epiz_33174612 registered at Google Domains

A previous post of mine gave me the details that I need on the Infinityfree end, but I can’t find were on my account at Google Domains I have to enter and

Neither neither Google or Google Domains have been any help to me.
I’m sure someone here has an answer.

Thanks in advance.



I have a domain,, at Google Domains, that I want to redirect to Infinityfree for hosting. What I need to know is where at Google Domains do I update the DNS settings to point to my hosting account at Infinityfree.


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After much bumbling and fumbling I arrived at the following:

Log into Google Domains account → select → click on insilicochemistry…net -->DNS → Custom name servers → Insert and

Does that sound correct?

I put the video in the post above, so click play
But yes - it’s correct


Update for forum members
the user’s domain is now on this IP (premium)

Screenshot 2023-03-09 230740

so he is no longer our user as far as that domain is concerned

but his NS still hasn’t been changed and shows this

Screenshot 2023-03-09 230811

so, for this reason, the website is not working
and in any case, he should contact ifastnet support.

If that’s all true what I see !


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