Google domain with Infinity free

Hello all,

I am using google domains and have been using google workspace for my emails. However when I go to custom name servers on Google Domain, it turns off my workspace. In turn I can not send or receive emails, has anyone experienced this or know how to fix it?

My website comes up just fine when I enter the name servers for infinity free, in return it breaks my google workspace email. When I restore the name servers on Google Domain side, my email works again, but it takes the site down.

Hope this is clear, and thanks in advanced for any advice!

Mostly likely you need to setup MX record in order for emails to work again


hi can you explain more?

Read here

Alternatively, you can switch back to using Google nameservers.
You would need to add in A records for the base domain as well as the www subdomain.

Without knowing the domain, I am unable to advise the correct A record to set.
What is your domain?


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