Google Dig App not returning "NS" answer;

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I pointed my Godaddy registration to:

When I check Infinity Free is says everything is pointing correct.

When I do a Google Dig for the “NS” record, no answer returns?


When I called Godaddy to ask about why the NS records weren’t returning, they say I need to check with the web hosting service.

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It can take up to 24-48 hours for the changes to propagate. Please have patience and try adding the domain after some hours.


I see this

Please remove the other set of nameservers

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OK I updated, That is definitely NOT the issue. I only added those other two NS records because the original set up was not working.

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Our nameservers do not respond with NS records. Best practice says they should, but I’ve never heard of this causing any problems.

Checking which nameservers are in use is a big more sophisticated than running a simple NS lookup query. A dig trace call works fairly well, which “Dig web interface” can do:

Our domain checker can also find nameservers pretty well.

Why are you asking about this at all? Did you notice it and were you wondering what it meant? Or are you experiencing any problems that you suspect may be caused by this?


The issue is that people using outlook can not send us emails. Microsoft error says id not configured and and Google says its the NS is not working.

Can you please share the exact error you see?

That seems to me like your DNS settings are fine, but Google’s mail servers do not have the email address configured. If the error references Google’s mail server, which it does, it means the DNS lookup is working.

Where does it say that? When you query for NS records with the dig interface? Because if so, you can ignore that, because NS records are not necessary and your domain will work fine without it.


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