Google AdSense not understanding that i have already placed AdSense Validation AD code in my website

Hello everyone. Here is the deal. I wanted AdSense to approve my site so i had to place AD JavaScript code inside my Website. At first i placed it on /blog/ directory, and many hours passed, but on my AdSense dashboard, the 2nd validation part: Code Placing, wasen’t checked with the green check. So i thought, that maybe i have to place it on my home directory. So i placed it on main page on my website but still no results. It said that Google is going to detect in few hours my ad code on my website, on ANY parts of my website, but many hours have passed and it still hasen’t detected it, because the part of code is not checked with the green check in my dashboard. Thing is that, the JavaScript code that i was given, physically exists on my website, but Google doesn’t detect it. What is the deal? @Admin can you please look into this? Thank you!!!

Well, I don’t exactly know how Google detects that the website is configured correctly. They could be crawling your site for the code or they could just measure the requests coming in through the ads code. If it’s the latter, all you need to get activated is (legitimate) traffic.

In case it’s the former, there seems to be a problem with bots retrieving site content. I’ve experienced this problem too when setting up website monitoring. I’m going to check what causes the problem and if it could be related to your problem too.