GoGetSSL stays after deleting

I uninstalled/deleted my ssl from GoGetSSL since im moving my site to cloudflare. 24 hours passed, the ssl that appears in chrome or other browsers and ssl checkers is still GoGetSSL, any tips or help?

Welcome, try this…

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Thanks, but also, online ssl checkers said its still in GoGetSSL… SSL Checker

Not too sure if that works

Did you revoke the SSL cert?

Odd, it does appear the certificate was removed from your site but is indeed still loaded on the web server.

This is a bug and should not happen, but it should not cause any bad effects. Your Cloudflare SSL should work as normal.

But note that you need to actually enable the Cloudflare proxy on your website. Right now, you’re using their nameservers, but don’t actually have the Cloudflare service enabled on the website. You can do that by clicking the gray cloud in the DNS Records section (which should turn orange).


Thanks, but turning on the proxy leads me to an error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

I already removed/deleted the cert. i clicked on this ‘delete certificate’ button few days ago.

oh hmm, it worked this time :smiley: thanks!

Redirection issues are not caused by SSL certificates, they are caused by website configuration. Deleting or not deleting an SSL certificate won’t fix that.


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