GoGetSSL cannot be validated

I bought a 3-year plan from GoGet SSL and it has several ways to validate including CNAME records and http.
Although I’ve done the addition of CNAME source, destination record several times with the Free SSLs, now it doesnt seem to work. Also, I tried the http way (add a txt file in mydomain/.well-known/pki-validation/hereIsTheFile.txt) but it also cannot be validated and the validation process is running for ever.
Is there any limitation that im not aware of? (the domain is a free infinityFree domain)

This is the website

File validation wont work with free hosting. Can you share your CNAME configuration?


About how much time does it take to validate it? I found that i shouldnt add the .myDomain at the end of my SOURCE as it was added automatically by the platform…
Now i see my CNAME record here https://mxtoolbox.com/

Should i wait?

Ofc, dns takes time :wink:


Ok, unfortunately GoGetSSL support didnt informed me about Free domains doesnt support HTTP methods…So i hope your small answered has the solution:P


Ok, the certificate is already issued:)
So, for others that try to make GoGetSSL certificate to work:

  1. HTTP method does NOT work with free hosting
  2. Use the DNS Validation method, and when you add the CNAME record be careful as infinityfree ads the domain name twice…(so you have to remove the .mydomain from the end of the SOURCE in your CNAME record page)…Then you must check it in https://mxtoolbox.com/ with the CNAME checker and provide the whole SOURCE link… (something like _…blablabla.mydomain.com)
  3. when the certificate is issued you’ll receive it with an email (or go to SSL certificate details page in GoGetSSL and press “Certificate”) and paste it to cpanel SSL, “Certificate” section and press Upload
  4. wait and check it here https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html

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