Goget.ga is already assigned and in use.2

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goget.ga is already assigned and in use.2
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hello… I
have got new domain name ( goget.ga) set nameservers to [ ns1.epizy.com] & [ ns1.epizy.com]
the url: direct to some website templet
pleas help me to assign new domain to set up my website
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maybe you have registered your domain on this hosting and your hosting status is still active

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And welcome to the community lori59

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goet.ga’s server IP address could not be found

OMG, I’m pretty sure to make the nameservers ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com

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Hello… admin can you pleas help me, by removing the inactive account that assigned with this domain ?
I have to choose a different web hosting platform…
I have to cancel my new domain and go for a different domain name…
what should I do?

Would you like it if we just removed a domain name from your account without warning because someone else said they own it and they want to use it?

Because there is nothing to suggest that this other account is inactive. Inactive accounts are automatically cleaned up, and this account is not inactive.


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