GoDaddy SSL, confused more than ever

Basically I recently purchased an SSL certificate for my website, Now, I’m having trouble since GoDaddy isn’t giving me the Certificate which I think should be a text file. When I click ‘Upload Certificate’ it says it can’t be blank, even though I think that should be where you upload your SSL certificate thing. A little help here could be valued very much, as I hope I did not just waste $33. Thanks in advance.

Hey, why not just use the FREE ssl certificate from InfinityFree? It’s Unlimited too!

And about the issue, you must contact the godaddy support and not here since it was a godaddy issue, right and not from InfinityFree?

Godaddy must give you an certificate for you to upload it and you must also have a private key for your ssl certificate.


Okay, thank you! I’ll try it out and see how it goes.

About that, I have an issue.

It says it’s installed “successfully,” but when I go to my site it says it’s “Not Secure.”

Its working fine! I could visit it with https, check this article

This will overwrite all http into https

Then if you are using wordpress, also install a plugin called Really simple ssl.

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Ok thanks!

We’re glad to help you out! Thanks!

Why did you purchase a ssl certificate on godaddy? Just asking cause there’s a free on infinityfree tho.

I kind’ve thought it would expire.

What do you mean? The certificate from InfinityFree?

Yes it will expire but you can request an unlimited free certificate before or after the expiration without paying again.

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I believe you are able to retrieve the text version of the certificate if you just open the certificate file and private key file in notepad or something. I used this method when I purchased my SSL from namecheap. I would use the paid SSL you bought over free SSL.

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That sounds like a question you should ask Go Daddy. Like you said, the certificate should be a text file. Specifically, the certificate you should be in the PEM format. Go Daddy may provide the certificates in a different format by default (or because you requested a different format). You may want to contact Go Daddy to see if you can get the certificate in the correct format.


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