Godaddy Nameservers changed and now This site can’t be reached

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This site can’t be reached

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i changed nameservers from infinityfree to ezoic from godaddy
now every time after 3 4 hours i see, site url is unavailble even i can access control panel too


You need to add an A record to allow “@” and “www” to point to your websites IP address (Found in the control panel).

However, Ezioc is known to have problems with free hosting, so you will probably need to find a new ad-network


i regesterd for learning perpose dear
by the way
thanks for helping

hello dear
i have backup to previous infinityfree nameservers
but now i am facing my site still not opening
i see this message

Cookies are not enabled.

It appears your browser is not accepting cookies, please enable cookies to continue to this page, or disable ‘private’ web browsing mode.

Instructions to enable cookies for all browsers can be found HERE

plz check or suggest if you can
also click on my site link if you also see this error

It is working fine for me:

Because you made changes to your nameservers, it may take up to 72 hours before the site begins to work.

(Also, make sure cookies are actually enabled in your browser)


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