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I have a subdomain on infintyfree and I registered a domain from godady , added and to the nameservers section on godady settings and added domain to Parked Domains on infintyfree control panel and when I goes to , it redirects me to my infinityfree subdomain
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and I wants to stay on
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Then you should it as addon domain, not parked domain


it showes me " is already assigned and in use.2 "

Remove it from parked domain. Then add it as addon domain


first , thank you , i added it to the addon domain but when I went to , it is empty
how can I make it load the website files

You need to create it of course. Remember, this is a new domain with zero content


how can i move the wordpress content from the hosting to the new domain

Read here

and this as well


Thank you , You are great

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