Go Premium Banner in user area

how can i get rid of this banner screen inside

As far as I know, you can’t.

However, it’s not a big problem and I have no issue just ignoring it.


Not possible. And its not a banner, just a button.


for me it’s annoying

Unfortunatly it cannot be revomed.

Since InfinityFree is a free service, we do require money to keep our services running. Placing an out-of-the-way button is one way to accomplish that.


i understant sorry anyway

Can you please elaborate how it’s annoying? It’s a button in the header of the page, it doesn’t displace any content on the page.

Please note that our service is free to you, but still costs money to us. You’re already using an ad blocker on our site so we’re not getting any revenue that way, and now we can’t even have a button to promote our own services?

Why do you insist on getting our services while prohibiting us to make a single cent in exchange?


i sad sorry for what it was accident i apologize for my words i take it back

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