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There is no error messaeg but i have hosted a website on my local server on windows and in the apahce conf fiel(httpd.conf)i gave the servername in virtual host as this domain but still i am not able to view the website hosted on my server please telll me what to do

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i created an account just 8 hrs ago

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Do you expect to see the site hosted locally by visiting ?

  1. To make it public, you have to host your site on our servers in order to be able to use that subdomain and of cource make it public to others.

  2. If you only want to access your local site by visiting a link other than localhost, then you need to configure your Windows configuration for it.
    Add this line in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

(This won’t make the site accessible to anyone else)


do i need to again put all the files on this file manager and create MySQL databases again?

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is there any other way so that my domain name point to my server? my ip adress is

you need to upload files to infintyfree and create databases. Sorry, this is free service, you can’t route a free domain name to your local dev.


That’s impossible for many different reasons.

  • The IP address is a so-called private IP address. This means it’s only accessible from the same internal network. On residential internet, that usually means it’s only accessible for devices connected to your home network. If you want it to be accessible to the world, you’ll need a public IP address. For a website hosted at home, you’ll typically use the IP address of your home for that, and setup port forwarding in your router to make sure web requests destined for your home end up on your home server. Also, you’ll want either a static IP address, or at least a dynamic IP address which doesn’t change often. Assuming your ISP allows you to do so.
  • The :8000 part of the URL is the port suffix. DNS only translates the domain to an IP address, it doesn’t include the port. If you want your website to be accessible without specifying the port, you must use the default ports, which is port 80 for HTTP and port 443 for HTTPS.
  • As @jaikrishna.t alluded to: it’s not possible to host our free subdomains elsewhere, we only provide free subdomains to be used with our hosting.

All in all, depending on how what your ISP lets you do, you can host a website at home, but it’s a bit more involved than just installing a web server. This is also a reason why you may want to use a hosting service instead of hosting from home.


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