Give me acccess to my database pls


can’t get access to database

Please give more detail than that. What error message are you getting? Where are you trying to connect to the database from?

Note that only your website(s) can connect to your database. You can see your database using phpMyAdmin which is in the Control Panel.

its ok, got access later, now i got another problem
my account was again suspended because I hit the Entry Process Limits .
site has worked only 1 hour, i have waited 24 hours and now i must wait 24 hours again? Guys, is this a joke? or this is new uptime feature 1/48?

on top of that there r only 50 max_active_connections, constantly getting php warnings
on top of that broken cron
are you joking or are you kidding?

Whenever your account is suspended, you MUST wait 24 hours for activation each time. The only way to avoid this is to upgrade to premium hosting.

More information:

No, your account is suspended, not down, there is a difference.

Read this:

Hope this was helpful!

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no, it was not helpful, shitty hosting with shitty rules and shitty support
delete my account pls, good luck have fun придурки

Please watch your language (in all languages). You can get banned from this form.

I understand you are frustrated, but there are rules on this (and all) hosting services. Your account was suspended, so you should try to understand the suspension and understand why your account was temporary banned. I explained suspension reasons and your Max Connections problem above.

As a free service, there are limits here. If you want the limits removed/increased, you need to upgrade to premium hosting from iFastNet.

Also, most of the people on this forum (Including myself) are NOT employees of InfinityFree, we do this because we enjoy helping others. Please keep this in mind.

If you want to migrate to a different provider, we understand. However, if you would like more help/assistance in understanding and solving your issues, please reply (politely) to this thread.

Thanks, and have a great day.

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братан удали аккаунт

Please speak in English, as this is an English form.

I do not work for InfinityFree, so I cannot do this. However, there is a “Delete Account” button (It’s red) in the client area.

howewer, this button is disabled, as all employees at InfinityFree, because this is really literally disabled(in all ways) hosting
" You cannot deactivate your account right now

An account cannot be deactivated if it’s currently being processed or held."

This means your account is suspended. You cannot remove a suspended account. After the suspension is over (24 hours) you can remove the account.

my friend, my account is " Temporarily Suspended for [Entry Process Limit]" - that’s really a joke

I’m not sure what you mean. InfinityFree is free with restrictions, if you want the restrictions removed, upgrade to paid hosting.

Also, please watch your language.

and because of that i can’t EVEN DELETE ACCOUNT
because i hit “EP LIMIT” - that’s ridiculous, do you agree?

It is not a joke, its a limit.
Please read:

It is not ridiculous, InfinityFree has limits, and they are there for a reason. If you go over a limit, just wait 24 hours and all will be working again. During that time, you cant delete your account, change files, ect. because you are suspended for doing something wrong. This is so you can learn about what happened, why, and prevent it in the future.

You can never “delete” an account by hand. You can deactivate it and wait for it to be deleted, but that’s only possible if the account is active.

After all, we set the limits to prevent your website from overloading our servers. If we then give you a 24 hours suspension, but then also give you the tools to immediately restore the website on another hosting account, then what’s the point of the suspension?

If you want to move to a different hosting provider, you can just do so. You don’t need to delete your account here to start using an account somewhere else. Your domain name is yours and always has been, and you’re free to use that domain name wherever you want.

Is 168 rubles/month or exactly 1416 rubles/year free for you + that free you are referring to.

I used to be angry on such limits, but those limits are there to protect the server from going down. The purpose of free hosting is to help you get started. When you grow and your site starts getting High traffic then those limits get hits and you should consider switching to premium or looking for other hosts.

It’s a free hosting you are getting what is needed for starter to start, i don’t think you should be blaming host for this.


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