Ghost ship on our play ground site

Did You guys had a ghost ship on your city. We called it ghost ship because no one owned it. It come by wind blow by it self. Someday some ppl want to broke it. But they got sick. So we just play around it. And we proud have it.

i was say. I’m the the boss of this ship. :melting_face:

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COOOLZ thanks for posting that. Oh have a great honeybunny year – well – in Chinese I guess it is the YEAR OF THE BUNNY WABBIT! ( good ole ELMER FUDD tv cartoon )))) but guess what?!?!?!

wait …


The Very Next Year is the return of the Dragon – 2024

At first I thought it was returning every one-hundred and twelve years (112 yrs) but I was mistaken.

Okay that’s all I got, next time I’ll bring cookies.

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You’re welcome. thx for reply. appreciate it.


as my Japanese friends say huakoo
(((( cool or actually HOW cool. )

Ltrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cookies ah-burning gottaGO!

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