Getting SSL certificate


for my domain, I am trying to get SSL certificate.

In the cpanel page, I have performed the step 1 :
I have put the CNAME records _acme-challenge and _acme-challenge.www on Cloudflare because my DNS records are in Cloudflare.

Then , I am waiting for step 2 but It takes several days. Do I have to wait or do something?


It takes up to 24-48 hours for your new DNS CNAME records to fully propagate worldwide, so you’ll just have to wait, just make sure you have properly set those CNAME records.

Also could you share your domain? So we can lookup your DNS records just to make sure.

My domain is

I have set the CNAME for days on cloudflare. Nothing is happening at step 2.


Could you send a screenshot of your CNAME configuration on your Cloudflare account? Just to verify you’ve properly set the records right, since I looked up your domain but it seems that there are no CNAME records found except for this one:

The error message says The CNAME record is not pointing to the right destination. This means that a CNAME record was found, but the value is not correct.

This is what your CNAME record currently points to:

As you can see there, your current CNAME target is This should just be

Please update the CNAME record and try again. Given that Cloudflare has quite short TTLs, it should work in less than an hour.

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Thank you, you ar right, the target was wrong. I have changed it and I am now waiting. and see if everything works.

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