Getting rid of Google AdSense generated pages

Hi Community,

I’ve set up a domain, successfully pointed it to InfinityFree, set up SSL and uploaded a minimal “under construction” page.

The issue that I’m having is, if I navigate to, I’m getting a page of 8 or so “Related links” which point to

The “Related links” piece of text turns out to be a link to Google AdSense.

I have no idea how these got set up. Could someone please explain how to replace these with a simple 404 (which is already set up in .htaccess)?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hello there,

That’s absolutely normal, that just means that those subdomains does not exist/were not provisioned by the hosting system to upload any contents.

Please refer here:

Instead of showing a simple error, it will display an ad page.

No you can’t and that’s not possible here.


Thank you for your reply and explanation, @UnknownLolz; much appreciated.

So it’s an InfinityFree thing? My confusion was that I was getting these when the name servers weren’t set to IF. I’ll try to configure a subdomain, and as long as that works fine, I’m happy.

Thanks again.


Well any subdomains that doesn’t exist under your domain (and by that I mean subdomains that you did not create) will still show a page like what you saw here on InfinityFree’s platform even if your domain is using InfinityFree’s nameservers.

You’re welcome.

Are you using Cloudflare nameservers by any chance? And did you use their automatic record scanning to set up your domain name?

If so, you’ll likely have a CNAME record which points to on your domain. That’s the record from the parking service we use. You can safely remove that one.


Thank you for the heads up, @Admin.

I’m not aware of Cloudflare being set up (if not by default); I’ll have a look at the CNAME records at my registrar.

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