Getting Redirect loop after cloudflare SSL

Hello there,
I am hosting my script on your site. Recently i added set my site with cloudflare from control panel and enabled flexible SSL but when i try toopen my site i get Redirect loop on it. Where am i getting wrong?
please help. My domain: and username: epiz_20858039.
Awaiting your response

Do you have any SSL redirect set up on your website? If so, try disabling that and only use the SSL redirect in Cloudflare.

If you mean .htaccess setup then i had it previously but i disabled it and still i am getting redirect loop on my site

Also my .htaccess filr deleted automatically so I have set it to 000 permission. Any solution for that?

Please try switching Cloudflare to Full SSL (non strict). Flexible SSL is only necessary if the hosting server at the end does not speak HTTPS, but all InfinityFree websites come with HTTPS support by default. And Flexible SSL tends to give issues like these when the website at the end checks for HTTPS as well.

If that doesn’t work, try checking your website configuration as well. If your website is configured with a https URL, this may give problems with using Flexible SSL. Please see what happens if you set your website URL to the non-https.

Wow! it worked. Thanks for your help bro. I switched to Full ssl(non strict) and it’s working fine now.