Getting 502 bad gateway error

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502 Bad Gateway

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The website was working fine till yesterday and with no changes made, it is showing the above mentioned error. Please help as soon as possible.

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Check this please:

Any updates with 502 Bad Gateway Error?


Is it back online , Thank you InfinityFree!

No issue


Yeah infinity free is back

Website started working again but not working as usual. Functionalities stopped working without a single change in code (Login not working, redirection automatically changed). How’s that possible?

Though working now but still functionalities are lost without a single change in the code. How’s that possible? Please help!

What functionalities are lost exactly? I checked your site and it seems to be working fine now.


No, login like functionalities are not working as it was working before. It is not logging in the user.

Please use the guide below to enable error messages, then try again.


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