Getting 404 not Found + Can't access FTP

So my Website was running flawlessly until yesterday! But not it is leading to this. Is my account suspended or something?


This is really bad! Can we get the attention of admin somehow, this is bad.


facing same issue :frowning: this is staging server, i’m glad i didn’t buy paid plan for production

Exactly the same situation here, was really relying on being able to use the site today. Hopefully a server admin can see this and sort it out. I tried changing ftp pw and still didn’t help


Can’t access any type of FTP. Needs a fix. @Admin

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Exactly The same so kindly resolve this issue…

I am also getting the same issue.
Why this is happening? When it will get resolved?

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Same problem here. My site looks exactly like the picture posted above. Site seems to have gone offline and I can’t access the server with FileZilla FTP or through the cPanel FileManager. And I haven’t even got much content yet. A simple wordpress site with maybe 10 old blogpost I transfered from (and zero visitors, because no-one knows I’m trying to transfer the site to a new service). Hope this will be fixed soon.

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Have same problem with

ftp server is very busy that i cannot even access site documents. how can i update my site?

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same for, site and ftp access down. same issue site, FTP cpanel all down