Getting 400 Bad request error after making account

I just made an account on Infinityfree and after linking my domain to the given nameservers, when I tried to open my website, it says 400 bad request.
Even after installing WordPress, my site is still inaccessible and I’m constantly getting “400 Bad Request
nginx/1.14.0 (Ubuntu)”

Please help.


domain name?

We don’t use Ubuntu. So whatever is generating the error message, it’s not part of your account with us.

When did you point your domain name to us? Note that it can take up to 72 hours for the website to be visible everywhere due to DNS propagation.

Well it just worked out automatically.


But complete site is not working
I installed wordpress and I can’t login via the link given for admin login i.e.,

because it’s not opening, just keeps on loading and loading

The domain is currently not hosted by us, but by some website building service. So that would explain why any website hosted with us is not visible.

It wasn’t working here that’s why I shifted to them and yeah, now it’s working fine. atleast I don’t have to waste 2 days more just for a 20 minutes work.

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