Get suspended after re-activation

My account has already been suspended after 30 minutes after activation without any manipulation from my side. There wasn’t even an action for so much resources. Please let me know the reason behind CPU Limit suspension in this case.

The KB article below has some information about CPU usage, and other items including plugins on a site that may cause excess usage along with suggestions on reducing it.


If your account was suspended 30 minutes after it was last reactivated, it means that you’ve used your daily limit of CPU power within those 30 minutes. Besides that, all the other information about the CPU limits apply. I don’t have any additional information to tell why your website got suspended so soon.


Now, It’s a new level of this problem. All my accounts go crazy even those which ones have not been used for a good amount of time and they have almost all plugins disabled. It’s started on 4th July and today is the second time when they have been suspended without plugins and traffic.

If you use WordPress, check your plugins. The bigger the plugin, the more CPU power it uses.

Today was the third day and the same result. The same plugins with different manipulation had not have this trouble. And why graph metrics has not been updated at the beginning of Jule. I have the statistics from June.

What makes you so sure about that?

I know, the graphs are a bit hard to read. The number at the bottom is the day of the month. And at the start of the graphs, you can clearly see the massive CPU usage spikes which are many times the defined limit.


According to my knowledge your website is hosted on blogger and you are using template from sora. So, are you sure you are at right place?

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