Get files from suspended website

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

Hit the Entry Process Limits.

How do I access my website’s files? cPanel only shows me the “Account Upgrades” and “Support” sections.
I’m doing this for some school work and I’m on a rather tight schedule, having to wait 24 hours is too long and I’m trying to figure a way of migrating this website to another host while infinityfree is on a cooldown.

Submit a support ticket and ask for your files.

I would, however, “InfinityFree does not provide email support, phone support, ticket support, chat support or other one-on-one support for any free hosting services.”

Umm, This is a temporary suspension and you will be able to access your files after 24 hours.

NOTE= You can’t create support tickets for temp.sus, only for perm.sus

Yeah I know it’s temporary, I’m not trying to remove the suspension just to be able to access the website’s files while it’s suspended

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