Get a free domain

Where can I get a free domain to connect to InfinityFree?
P.S: Not Freenom

Please use Google it be more specific.

You can get a free subdomain from InfinityFree, or get a free domain from Freenom


There is another like freenom but not freenom?
Searching i have found nothing else to freenom

Nothing popular or trustworthy. There is a post somewhere here explaining why, but I can find it.

This does not help me

What’s wrong with paying $10/yr for a custom domain?

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I have bought just now a .com domain

No way to get a real TLD for free, besides “using” one from Freenom.

I wouldn’t recommend using even that because Freenom marks all domains as fraud if they gain popularity, free domains have a terrible reputation, and it’s a ccTLD, so it doesn’t make much sense for someone to have a .tk (Tokelau) domain if they are located elsewhere.

Plus, you don’t even own the domain.

What you could do is use a subdomain service, such as (doesn’t work with free hosting) or iFastNet (they offer subdomains if you buy premium, and you can change the nameservers for those.)

But I wouldn’t recommend that either, because you still don’t own the domain, and it’s also bad for SEO. Plus, if the main domain goes down, so does your subdomain.

Trust me, paying for a .com (the most popular domain) is worth it.

If you don’t want a .com, you can get a .xyz for a dollar the first year at namesilo. The second year it’s still less than 10.


Ok thank you i have bought one from namecheap

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