General Error:SQL ERROR [ mysqli ] User already has more than 'max_user_connections'

Hi all,

i tried to upload a simple phpbb3.3.10 forum solution to this Infiniyfree hosting.

During the last step of installation, its stuck at 23% and giving me the following error message.

General Error:SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]User epiz_xxxxxxx already has more than ‘max_user_connections’ active connections [1203] in file /home/vol14_6/ on line 1023

so this has to do with the webhosting, server and not with phpbb it self.

Can this be fixed?

would be great, otherwise its a useless product…

Hi and welcome to the forum

By this sentence, I assume that it is a manual installation
try installing it via the Softaculous app installer located in the Control Panel

As for the error itself:

Mods ? phpBB • more than 'max_user_connections' active connections [1203]?


Is there a possibility to use it manually? because this is just the last step. it needs to go 100% and finished No need to use extra software to install something.

I know I am using the free option.

But such a installation as simple as phpbb (and no without any mods, because its a basic installation) to install would be a good idea to implement also in the free.

Since I will use it as a knowledgebase I don’t need that much bells and wisels.

But it makes me even more concerned what will happen if try to use the board.

to come back to your question of using the software, i get this error.

Screenshot 2023-02-11 160414

Nevermind, close this topic, have installed it via the software.

TO LET YOU KNOW, that is not the best way. EASY installations like phpbb should have this access even on free webhosting!!!

It’s odd that you encounter this error during the installation of phpBB. The limit for max_user_connections is 4, which is plenty for most sites. Most times we see that people hit this limit is because of bad code, like creating separate database connections for every query they do. I can’t imagine the phpBB developers would make the same mistake.

And I think Softaculous is a lot easier than manual installation, no matter how easy the installation wizard is. Not having to upload any files or create any databases saves a lot of time and many steps.


I suggested Softaculous because that process was executed with greater permissions
and is not subject to some limits related to resources that can happen with manual installation.

So there is a higher probability that everything will pass without problems.


For me I am doing it for a long time. So knowing the steps.

It’s good that it’s provided to install via the software…but basic installations should be supported in my mind.

In this case the Database user was already created by default. It’s great for newcomers but if you need a specific access or something for that database user would be great that there is a option to create your own database, and database user + password.
Now I don’t know what access is given etc.

Other then that it’s fine peace of webhosting. It’s fast as well. Really like it …

I used the Softaculous what you told me. Within 40 seconds it was created.


And it is 100% supported and I don’t understand why it broke for you. Every software should be installable by hand, assuming the installer of that software is not broken.

Free hosting only has a single database user that has full access to all databases. Separate database users with restricted permissions are only available on premium hosting.


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