Gdpr: data processing agreement (Auftragsverarbeitungsvertrag, AVV)

hope you all are doing well.
Just new here and wondering, if there is a way to have a “data processing agreement” with Infinity Free, when using their services to host a website. In german this would be called a “Auftragsverarbeitungsvertrag” or in short AVV and as far as I know it is necessary due to the gdpr in Europe.
Probably you would need such a thing with Infinity Free and iFastNet, as the latter are the host of the data?
Thank you for information about this topic.

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What do you mean by having a “data processing agreement”? I’m not understanding clearly.

Hi, sorry, it is probably because of the translation… well, the thing is, that the hoster of f.e. wordpress also could gain some data about the visitors of a website. As the data are stored on the drive of the hoster, he could check them as well. So if you are a person, who is running a website, but using a hoster (webspace, server etc.) different from you, you should have this “Auftragsverarbeitungsvertrag” (or data processing agreement) with the hoster… at least, that is how I understand it at the moment. Hosters, which are based in Germany do provide such a thing. F.e. here (in german language though): Vertrag zur Auftragsverarbeitung ( That is why I wonder, if Infinity Free does provide such a thing… Best

I think I understand what you are going for.

InfinityFree processes data in accordance to this policy: Privacy Policy - InfinityFree
Byet/iFastNet processes data in accordance to this policy: Privacy Policy - IFastNet LTD


Hi Greenreader9,
thanks, but these are the Privacy Policys for us as users who run a website - right? So I think that would be not enough for gdpr, as - as I understand it and I might be wrong - you do need a data processing contract between the user who runs the website and the hoster, how the data, f.e. which are stored on the hardware of the hoster are used. F.e. as the data of the website are physically on the hardware of the hoster, he could check them out and gain knowledge about the people who visited the webpage, the hoster could run additionall analytical tools to check, who (IP adress etc.) did visited the website etc. I understand it is in german, but if you make a google search for “Auftragsverarbeitungsvertrag” you may find more information which may clarify what I mean. Best

Correct, but they are also for data shared by your visitors. Any info your site provides us is stored via those policies.


We don’t have a separate Data Processing Agreement at this time. The data we and iFastNet process is governed by our respective privacy policies.


Hi Georgios, Greenreader9 and Admin,
ok, I see. Thank you for your answers.
I guess this is anyway only an issue, if you go really deep into gdpr etc. To follow all the rules of gdpr to the last point seems to be anyway kind of difficult. Still: thank you for your answers!

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