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Hi there,
The GD extension should be enabled for this hosting. You may wanted to install the software again and see what happens.

Looks like your panel already says about it here:

Your website is using php 8, which is troublesome now. Please try creating a different hosting account and then try again.


Thanks Frank, but what is the connection between php version with GD ext.? also this script which I am using is having some requirements I mean above 5.4. and how can I downgrade the php version in the hosting?

Most servers right now are on PHP 7.4. That’s already an outdated PHP version, and we have started with rolling out PHP 8.1 on some servers. Then it turned out that some PHP extensions, including GD, were not working with PHP 8.1, so we stopped upgrading more servers until we were able to fix the missing extensions. So far, we’ve been unable to fix it, but it’s being worked on.

The result is that most servers run PHP 7.4 with all extensions, but some were already upgraded to PHP 8.1, and are missing.

By creating a new hosting account, you’ll be randomly assigned to one of the servers, which is likely to be a PHP 7.4 server.


Hi, I seem to have the same problem although it says that I am currently on a 7.4 php server.

Both ZIP and GD should be enabled on Free Hosting, it seems that your plugin detection is not correct


I found this info on one of the support pages for this website builder I want to use:

Open your Apache PHP (php.ini) file and do this:

Search for " ;extension=gd " and remove the ;

Search for ";extension=zip " and remove the ;

Do you know how should I do this?

You cannot modify the ini file on free hosting.

Those two extensions should already be enabled.


The PHP information in the control panel may be hard coded, and not actually reflect the information of your account. The most reliable way to know which PHP version you are on, and which extensions are enabled, is by creating a PHP info file on your own website and loading that:

It’s likely that you are on a PHP 8.1 server, which doesn’t have GD right now, in spite of the PHP info in the control panel saying something different.

I can assure you that this is 1) not possible here, or with any other hosting provider, and 2) we wouldn’t have a PHP 8.1 server running for months with missing extensions if it was as simple as enabling the extension in the PHP settings.


Thanks, so the best way forward is to create a new account or change the website builder altogether, if I understand correctly.


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