Gateway timeout when using get request from unity (What I am pulling from)

504 gateway timeout from unity, 504 recieve failure from fiddler, and sometimes curl error 52: empty response from server.

I am sorry if this has nothing to do with infinityfree, but I have no clue what else may be causing this. I am trying to use a unity get request from a text file (Its only 1 byte I assume this is fine), but I either get timed out or no response from the server. I couldnt find anything saying get requests were against the ToS, so I assume that is not the issue. Is there something I am missing or is this a problem that has nothing to do with Infinityfree?

Its showing for me…!

Kindly clear your cache and try again

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Thats the wierdest part of this, it opens on browsers, but not an HTTP request from unity, is there restrictions by infinityfree that may be the cause of this? Then again, it may be totally unrelated to Infinityfree, but im not sure.

Browser can only read!!!
Due to security concerns bots or anythings seems like can’t read!

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Yep, that is blocked. Only browsers with cookies and JavaScipt enabled can access your site.


Read on:


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