game audio playback

I am trying to play audio that is hosted on my site in a game. However, it is not playing in the game. Basically in this game there is a function that requires audio transmission from a website in mp3 format. I wanted to know what may be causing this problem. (For other sites the game can play normally, but for mine it doesn’t work, so it led me to believe that it’s something related to the host and not the game)

What kind of game are you talking about? Is this a game which you play in a browser, or is it some desktop game which can link to externally hosted audio files?

If it’s the latter, then the reason your audio doesn’t play is because we block it. Using our hosting for media storage and sharing purposes is not allowed, which is why you cannot access audio files like that. Please use a specialized media hosting or file hosting service, please don’t use a website hosting service to stream music from.


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