gallery hosting

hello people i’m hosting wordpress script
with a gallery theme
here is my site: (just for reference not advertising it)
i 'm a designer and i’m hosting a gallery. i believe
that images take a lot of bandwidth isn’t it ?
i just put couple of images and my** Inodes Used** and Daily Hits Used
gone up see screen shot
i have not gotten any visitor it’s new website i created couple of hours ago
and those parameters gone up.
what would happen if i get real visitors thousands of them
what would those parameters be. and what if they reached the top limit
people will not be able to access my site or what?

you say bandwidth is unlimited but it’s certainly not.

i deleted my free domian and deleted all files in root
this is bull#@*! hosting

Have you already been busy setting up the script and adding content? Page views by you are tracked as well, which is why the first bandwidth and hits have already been counted.

Notice how the bandwidth meter doesn’t actually go up? That’s because it’s unlimited. For your own information, you can see how much you consume but that doesn’t mean that there’s actually a hard limit.

inodes are the total number of files and directories in your account. We have to limit those because having hundreds of millions of files and directories on a server will slow it down. The inode limit for an individual account is 80,000.

We do have a daily hits limit of 50000. If you hit that limit, your account will be offline for the rest of the day.

However, don’t forget that it’s because of limits like these that we can offer free hosting at all. If we didn’t have these limits, individual accounts could use a lot of server power, which means that everyone would have to pay just so a few big accounts can keep working. Having strict limits ensures that everyone can get a small but equal part of the pie, without causing us to go bankrupt (in which case you wouldn’t have hosting either).


There is no need to make impulsive actions such as leaving our hosting before somebody even gets to your support request.

First of, do not blame our hosting because you got word Bandwith wrong. What do you see at the Bandwith section? Do you see a bar? No you don’t. It says Unlimited. What does make you think that it is not unlimited?

Second of, iNodes are amount of files and directories (folders) on your hosting account. We can afford to provide some resources in unmetered/unlimited amounts however like @Admin said we would bankrupt if everything was unlimited.

Third of, daily hits is amount of page views, including the page views from save IP adresses or even webmaster’s page views.

And finally, next time wait till someone clarifies your problem before cursing on InfinityFree when it is not hosting’s fault.

Have a nice day,