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I have taken off a lot of out of date extensions on this site with a view to getting it maybe onto Joomla 4…

The problem I am having that when I click on one of the tags, it gives me some false positive about it being a dangerous site (there is nothing dangerous about it at all lol) and then when I ignore the message and enter my own site anyway by clicking on the tags I get a 404 on every single one of them??

Any ideas why this could be happening??



That’s because the path /component (And also the file/path /component/tags/tag/interview.html) does not appear to exist.

Also, the phishing warning is on the InfinityFree 404 page, not your website.


That doesn’t surprise me one bit, I know our website is legitimate… I know what a 404 is, what I am saying is the component is there, so it shouldn’t be happening??

Check it via FileManager.


Its not fit for purpose really, I don’t think I have ever used it it is very clunky isn’t it… I will check next time I am free… I have no idea what I am looking for though…

Those URLs look like they should be “pretty URLs”, meaning they are usually handled by a .htaccess configuration routing them to a central PHP file. I checked your website, and it doesn’t have any .htaccess rules to do that.

I see there is a file htaccess.txt in the htdocs folder that contains the standard Joomla rules. You can either delete the current .htaccess file and rename the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess, or you can copy the content from htaccess.txt and append it to the current .htaccess file. Regardless, if you place the contents of that file into the .htaccess file, I expect those tag URLs to work.


You might as well have said that in Swahili lol… Is there any way you can tell me in English, a language a non techie can understand?? Not everybody spends their times alone from civilisation learning tech speak lol…

I think I know what is causing it, I changed a setting to rewrites URLs in the Global Configuration, I was hoping that it would provide me with more shareable links, the only problem is when I try to save my changes after your last update the back end does not work properly as it should and as it was when I left it on that fateful weekend…

It is telling me this…

Missing field in database: Joomla\CMS\Table\Extension   extension_id.

When I go to manage the database to fix it, I get the same message…

Your update really has butchered our sites…

Well, if you dont learn them you basically can’t make a website, you are just lazy. Every developer use those wordings.

Plus, Admin’s explanation was just telling you to copy and paste the file, which i believe a person who doesn’t speak English but has a translator can understand.

Well, that basically means you migrated the site wrongly
Plus, a simple googling can solve your problem:


I may have butchered my explanation to bit. But to call me detached from civilization because you don’t understand my instructions is unnecessary and uncalled for.

Especially because the only things you need to know is 1) what is a .htaccess file and what does it do and 2) how to copy-paste text between files. Which are things anyone who has a hosting account should either know or be willing to learn.

Remember: we just provide the hosting for your website, it’s your responsibility to operate and maintain the software you use to build the site. This does involve some technical skills. “Managed Hosting” services and SaaS offerings exists where the hosting provider also handles the maintenance of your site, but those tend to be more expensive and more restrictive.

But to keep things simple, here are step by step instructions that should do the trick:

  1. Open the file manager of your account.2
  2. Go to the htdocs folder.
  3. Remove the file called .htaccess.
  4. Rename the file htaccess.txt and change the name to .htaccess.

That should be all!


It is a shame that wasn’t done in the first instance… One of the biggest turn offs in the web design sector is the way people that disseminate the information do it in such a way that casts them as superior, when they just aren’t… Turns a lot of people off from dealing with them… I will give it a try, I just hope nobody hides your response from me in the meantime, a lot of sensitive people in here with absolutely no sense of humour, if people put lol in something they are joking, are they not??

The site has never been migrated, it has been in the same place since it was created… It also worked perfectly the other week and now it doesn’t… That was not down to us, if the site had been left alone it would be working now… As for Alphabet Inc, I try to avoid their trackers and products whenever I can, I certainly don’t use their search engine and i encourage everybody not to use them as well… They are a CFR member Alphabet Inc… I am forced to use their video censorship tool YouTube but I don’t use their search engines ever…

you could use Peertube…
But you’ll complain about that as well so I won’t bother. It fills all of your requirements.
1: selfhostable
2: free
3: opensource

Peertube can NOT run on infinityfree, it is not a PHP application. Cheers!


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