Funny character being displayed

Can anyone explain why my website on Infinityfree displays the £ sign as A circumflex £ - in other words £ ?

It does not happen when I open the website offline in its original format, only after it is uploaded. I have tried deleting the text through FTP, clearing the browser and then uploading the file again, but it makes no difference. It also makes no difference whether I am using Chrome or Microsoft Edge. All the Pound signs display as “£”.

You should use the <meta charset="UTF-8"> inside the element.


Thanks a lot. That fixed it !

Feel free to mark my answer as solution if my answer has fixed your issues.
To explain why i suggested you that code, it tells browser to read the text in utf8 format, the default ones renders regular-english characters properly but not other characters.


I actually had that problem, too.

A smiley face will show up as characters if you don’t have the <meta charset="UTF-8"> tag.

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