Fullcalendar on infinity

I have a hosted page that works correctly, but I’m using a fullcalender that’s been working. Uses a PDO SQL query. running locally (in xampp) works perfectly.

Correction full calendar don’t work

Hi TaskHjrf,

FullCalendar is a front-end JavaScript plugin for date selection, it should have nothing to do with the database unless you have attempted to pre-select a date and that date comes from a database. Please share your code for more insights including all error messages you encountered.

Meanwhile, without inspecting your code, the failure is likely due to JSON formatting, which means the default date is likely not properly outputed in the final json. Possible reasons including PHP code crashed at that location in code or there’s no value and the json format broke.



But on xampp, work fine and on server no .
Still connected to MySQL

Use the article below to help you enable error logs, then reload the page and see if anything appears.

A potential issue could be that you coded your site in a different PHP version.


Do you have any more information on what you actually see? There are many reasons why your code could work locally but not here, such as PHP version incompatibility, a configuration error or missing/unsupported features. We can probably help you fix whatever issue you’re having, but right now I don’t even know what the issue is.

If you have any error messages or descriptions of what happens would help. If you could tell us how we could check this functionality for ourselves, that would help a lot too.


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