Ftpupload.net - ftp server certificate unknown

I am trying to use FileZilla to connect ftp, and I am seeing this error.

Is FTP safe to use right now, or not?

Thank you.

This is normal, go ahead

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@KangJL Thanks for your reply. :+1:

If this is normal, then that is disturbing.

Not sure what I should do now.

What is disturbing?

Reason for this


is due to

Just use it

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What I find disturbing is that I am trying to connect to a server and am met with an unknown certificate message, and a “Error: Remote certificate not trusted.
Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server” message. The certificate doesn’t kick in until July, so what certificate, if any, is in effect now?

Some person on a forum telling me that it’s normal and to go ahead does not put my mind at ease.

What would put my mind at ease is connecting safely to the FTP server with no scary warning messages that result in me having to ask for help in a forum.

It’s just a poor, scary experience (but InifinityFree website hosting has been a good experience so far).

I guess I have no choice but to go ahead, because there is no other way for me to do a backup.

Once again, thanks for your reply. :+1:

Look again


Already in effect

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I stand corrected. Cheers :+1:

The fact that the certificate is “unknown” does not mean it’s not trustworthy.

FileZilla shows this warning any time you connect to a new FTP server with a secure connection. Even if there is no reason to assume that there is anything wrong.

If FileZilla believes there is something wrong with the SSL certificate, the information will be shown in red. There is no red in your screenshot, so no issues.

The certificate is not expired, it’s valid for the FTP server hostname you’re trying to use, and it’s issued by a trusted SSL provider (Sectigo). So all is good.


@Admin Ok. Thank you. :+1:

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