FTP Uploading Problem

I am uploading my WordPress website to my free InfinityFree account. In order for it to work,
I can’t install WordPress separately through Softaculous. I have to upload WordPress with my website and its small database, and configure it all more manually.

-My problem is that the only way to accomplish that is to use one (1) of the free account, supplied FTP
accounts, which I am dooing. My issue is how slow I am finding things.

So far, in 31 minutes, I have uploaded 17.9 MB. If the speed remains uniform, that means it will take my
3.7 GB (313.71024)/(17.96024) equal to about 4.5 days, including all of their nights as well. Is there anything that can appropriately done at the InfinityFree, server end to accelerating FTP uploading?

Is there anything that you guys can do to make my FTP uploading considerably more faster than this?

Sounds more like an issue on your end.
Took me about 10 minutes to ftp 500~600mb of data.
What is your internet speed?


This website: https://www.speedtest.net/result/13594272325
tells me that my upload speed is 18.21 Mbps, or 2.27625 MB/s. I am doing this on a Saturday
afternoon, so somehow it must be local internet conditions. I will have to wait for another day or time,
when things are clearer.

Is there anyone over there who has any other ideas?

Are you using filezilla?
If so, can you check if you have the following settings?

This should help with the uploading


I’m not using FileZilla. I’m using WinSCP,with FTP as the protocol, not SFTP.
Can you reply with a similar screenshot for WinSCP to that I can change the equivalent setting(s)
in WinSCP, kindly, please?

My best guess is this.


Max no of transfer is 9 for WinSCP
Filezilla is preferred for a reason

Good luck!


I am using FileZilla with the updated settings, and am getting much better speed and am making the
correct progress/speed.

-I am finding every now and again that FileZilla claims it is finding a second copy of a file. Both files
have the same name, and have exactly the same size, but seem to have been written at different times.
I am adhering to the policy of letting FileZilla overwrite the second with the first. Why is this happening?
Will it break WordPress or my website project if I go with the “second” file?

Most likely is your own doing.
You initially uploaded using WinSCP.
Then you upload again using Filezilla.
Of course duplicate files will be found…

When FileZilla gives me a bunch of “Failed transfers”, in the tab named that, will I have
to re-transfer the involved files again, or has FileZilla repeated the transfer and copied
the file to the destination, correctly, for me, in the end?

Yes, to be sure and to play safe


Is it WordPress that creates these “duplicate” files? Which one do I want, the earlier one or the later one? Do you know what is happening? I have a previous backup that I am about to go from. ?

How is it possible? What did you do?

Only you will know


Most likely it’s just something unexpected happening during the FTP upload and FileZilla isn’t sure if the transfer succeeded or not.

It seems like the connection between you and the FTP server is a bit flaky in the first place, so this isn’t that surprising.

WordPress code doesn’t execute if you just move the files around, and WordPress doesn’t try to auto-heal the core code itself.

If the uploaded size is the same, the transfer was probably successful and you don’t need to overwrite it. But you can also let it overwrite just to be sure. Just note that overwriting means the transfer will take longer.


I have finished my 3.69 GB upload, via FileZilla, with the multiple connection settings, into my free InfinityFree account. There were 3 files that failed to upload, so I did them individually in the right subdirectories, again, There is more to be done on what I have uploaded, but that has been the big step.

Windows 10 64 bit Home tells me that my total is 3.69 GB. CPanel statistics are telling me that at the destination, the story is that there is Disk Space Used: 619 MB. How is this the story? How could this possibly be? If all files, all directories and all their content have been copies over to my free account, with no errors, then why is there this huge disk space discrepency? My Windows computer is using a compressed NTFS file system, but I have been reading from (Size), not (Size on Disk). Between my Windows machine and the InfinityFree free account server, can someone tell me why there is such a huge size difference reported for the total of my upload?

Wait 24 hrs. Correct disk usage should be updated then.
Just like inode counter, the disk usage is also not reflected instantly


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