Ftp uploading error


hello i am new to the concept of website hosting and i need help.
recently i made a site to host my source codes and another one to upload them and i hosted them differently on their accounts.
but when i try to upload files i get an error.
the ftp_login is working fine and ftp_connect , the problem is uploading.
and when i use fileZilla software and i connect to the ftp account of the site i can upload without any problem.
thanks i advance fo your help.


Can you please share the code you are using and the error messages you are getting? FileZilla is the recommended way to upload files here.


As i said i created a site to upload to another site by connecting to its ftp server . at first i was not getting the error message, it was outputting nothing until i created an if statement the code to output failed if it fails. this is the code for the upload and the error.
but at first when i was on a local server it worked perfectly.

I believe free hosting does not allow cross domain access


I’m sorry, but that’s not allowed. We only provide website hosting services, so you cannot use a hosting account for file sharing only.

You are allowed to store some uploaded images if that’s part of the functionality of your website. But then please use the same hosting account as your website itself, and just write the files directly to the local storage instead of doing it over FTP.

We have additional upload limits on FTP which are not present on saving local files. So please use FTP for website administration only, not for handling file uploads.


OK, thanks for correcting me. I didn’t know that.
I am going to deactivate it.

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