FTP transferred files truncated to zero after consuming 5.6GB

My website URL is:an2forever.epizy.com

What I’m seeing is:after comsuming about 5.6GB via FTP next new added files are truncated to zero size. Pls see in /htdocs/Storage/

I’m using this software:Dahua FTP client

Additional information:

We have a file size limit of 10 MB in our hosting, so you can’t upload files that large.

We have limits like this because we provide a website hosting service. Our hosting service is designed and optimized for hosting websites, not for storage or sharing arbitrary files, media or backups. If you’re just looking for a place to store files, a service like Dropbox, Mega, Amazon S3 or Backblaze may be more suitable for your needs, depending on what you’re looking to store and why.

So please remove your Storage folder and all it’s contents from your website hosting account or we will be forced to do this for you.


I develop a free webservice for the online CCTV archive access. My FTP client configured to store files with the size less than 10MB. Please read carefully my support ticket once more and fix the issue.

Moreover, now I’m getting “FTP Error: Disk Quota Exceeded” which doesn’t have to happen according to your explanation in https://infinityfree.net/support/ftp-error-disk-quota-exceeded/ and control panel screenshot attached.

Have you waited until next day? The stats aren’t live, they update daily.

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No change so far …

And we develop a free web service where video archive sites are strictly forbidden.

Last warning: delete the Storage folder and it’s contents within 24 hours or we will do it for you.


Looks like that is not specified in your license agreement. My file storage fully corresponds to your size and content limitations. Seems your service has a bug that you don’t want to fix to make your life easier. Interesting, what your management and the community thinks about such an approach …

The TOS says so.


And what of Terms of Service - InfinityFree do you think I’m violating ? As for me - I’m not.

This is the section you’re violating. It specifically bans backup storage.


InfinityFree offers large web space and bandwidth with hosting accounts. By this, we mean space for legitimate web site content and bandwidth for visitors to view it. All files on a domain must be part of the active website and linked to the site. Sites should not contain any backups, downloads, or other non-web based content. We will treat all password protected archive (e.g. zip and rar) files as unacceptable. Multimedia content such as audio and video is acceptable provided it is streamed to the user, links to HTTP download of this content is not acceptable.

Archives of movie files, audio files, zips, rars or any large volumes of files used for downloading / sharing is not allowed.

Also, as promised, the Storage folder is gone now.


That what I work under to implement my service via web interface. Your activity will be subject for appealing to your management if you will not restore my data within next 3 working days.

Yeah, we still need to find a better way to describe that one. Too many people believe that they can cherry pick that sentence and use it for video storage and sharing sites.

That is most definitely not what that sentence means. It’s intended as an exception for, say, a single video being shown on a website, e.g. as promotional content or just as part of the background.

Every other statement in that section contradicts the idea that you can host large video dumps here.

Since this is a common misunderstanding, I gave you a 24 hour notice (which you’ve seen and have chosen to ignore) to backup and remove the content yourself, rather than me removing the content and/or terminating your account right away, like the terms entitle us to.

Like I said, I deleted the Storage folder. It’s gone from our systems. There is no way to restore it from my end, even if I wanted to. Which I don’t, because the content violates our terms.

Good luck with that one.


@an2forever This is sponsored by IFastNet, but the @Admin is the one who manages it, along with other staff members (not sure about that).

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