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I am no doubt being completely stupid, so forgive me !

I wanted to create a sub-domain of my existing domain, which I have done through the Control Panel. I wanted to use this sub-domain to store a back-up of my existing website because I am about to make major changes to it, but might need to go back to the original from time to time.

However, I do not know how to FTP to the sub-domain. I assume that I have to make a new FTP profile, but what are the settings like User ID, Password and Account ? Presumably User ID and Password are the same for my existing domain, but what do I use for the sub-domain ?

Maybe there is a tutorial which I have not found for this.

The FTP details are for the entire hosting account. So the files for all domains on that account can be accessed with the same credentials.

The only thing that’s different is the folder in which the files of the site are located. The first domain name of the account is linked to the folder htdocs. An additional subdomain, like old.example.com, is assigned to a folder like old.example.com/htdocs.

There is no tutorial because there is nothing to explain. It’s just another folder.


Ah, well, thanks to you, I have now therefore found it ! The trouble is that I did not understand the structure, which I think I have worked out is :

Level 1: Domain HTDOCS----------------Sub Domain
Level 2: HTML Files-------------------------HT DOCS
Level 3: ----------------------------------------HTML Files

It is a bit difficult to display graphically but the ‘----’ represent blanks and the “V” points down to the next level !

So there are two HTDOCS. Am I right to load my backup version into the second level HTDOCS under the Sub Domain ? I have discovered that HTDOCS means HyperText Files which I think explains why there is an HTDOCS folder for the Domain and another for the Sub Domain.

My first instinct was that the second HTDOCS was redundant, but now I think I understand why there are two, because HTDOCS instructs Apache that only files in the HTDOCS folder are HyperText.

I am only 74, and still have a lot to learn ! So again, very grateful for the explanation.

Modern FTP software may make this all a bit clearer but I am embarrassed to admit that I use WS_FTP95 software ! Nearly as old as me !


You are definitely right!

The web server/Apache links every domain to an account and a so-called Document Root on that account which contain the files to be served on that domain.

We call that folder htdocs, but other providers/platforms may call it different. I’ve seen public_html, www or html too.

We also link every domain on your domain to a separate directory, which makes it possible to run multiple websites on different domains on the same account. Exceptions are of course Parked Domains, where the whole point is that they are linked to the Document Root of an existing domain on your account.


Brilliant explanation. Many thanks.

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