FTP Servers are down


Could not read line from socket

Hey team, i think some FTP servers are down, i cant reach my website’s FTP, WinSCP and the website file manager also not working. My host IP:

Yep, it’s down for most people I think. Just have to wait

I need to make a thing on the web as quickly as i can, but if the FTP is down…

LOOOL I CAN TRICK THE FTP SERVERS. I make a file-uploader for my site, and from there i can upload what i want.

You know that’s against the TOS right?

ETA I’m currently unknown. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

That’s the FTP server IP. I don’t know where you saw that IP address and assumed it was your account IP, because the client area clearly says your website IP is Which is indeed down because of the ongoing outage.

I believe it’s what shows up when pressing the File Manager option in the client area

That is the FTP IP, and it’s the one used when connecting via FTP. Your account IP is different, and displayed in the client area.

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Yep, that’s the FTP server IP. And the main problem is that i cant reach the FTP server, because it’s down.

Your account is down, so you cannot login, because the FTP server cannot find it. Please just be patient and wait for a fix.

Isn’t there a post where we can talk about the outage? I can’t find it

Yep. The pinned topic. It will be at the top of the screen.